Peppered Steak Sandwiches with Caramelized Shallots

Serve this hearty sandwich for a great winter fireside supper or football party. Any steak cut will work, but we prefer NY Strip for grilling and carving purposes.

Serves 4


Caramelized Shallots Ingredients


Trim excess fat from steaks and coat all sides with fresh cracked black pepper. Wrap and refrigerate until needed. Prepare the shallot mixture by first peeling and cutting the shallots lengthwise into 1/8” slices. Heat oil in a small sauté pan over medium heat and add the butter and shallots. Allow the shallots to cook evenly and sprinkle with sugar, salt and pepper. Reduce the heat and continue to cook until the shallots are soft and golden. Stir in the Stonewall Kitchen Maple, Bacon, Onion Jam and remove from heat.

Split the baguette in half lengthwise. Brush each cut side with olive oil and grated garlic. Place in 400 degree F oven for 5 minutes.

Heat a heavy griddle or cast iron skillet over high heat and place steaks on to grill, approximately 4 minutes on each side. Continue to cook until the meat temperature reaches 135 -140 degrees F at the center of each steak for steaks with a pink center. Remove the steaks from the heat and allow them to rest for an additional 5 minutes before carving. Slice steak thinly across the width.

To assemble the sandwich, place the steak slices atop the crumbled blue cheese on the baguette and then add the caramelized shallots and rosemary. Cut into 4 equal pieces and serve.